As a painter, I am interested in depth, color, space and other typical concerns. But I am also interested in the conjunction of chance and intention. In my work, the interplay between these two creates a tension between the material with which I work—paint—and the ideas I intend to make manifest. I use processes that invite chance, such as layering, staining and pouring, to develop the surface quality and the composition.  This allows ideas to emerge from the paint itself, suggesting new avenues to explore—but I also impose a rigorous thought process upon the work that is highly ordered and architectural. 

The dynamic between conscious intent and intuitive response is at the root of my work. I have developed a visual vocabulary, which continues to transform and mutate over time into an ever-evolving cast of characters. Suggestive of language, symbolic forms, elemental bits of the natural world, et cetera, these forms comprise the raw material for my exploration. Conscious decision and intuitive response coexist and modify the other, providing me with a dynamic, paradoxical structure which defines the limits of my exploration—limits within which I find infinite possibility.